Three months without you, mother...


Benca, mae!

Three months without you today... But after a week of crying and desperately longing for you, I got great news today.

Again, for the third time (3 monthly anniversaries), something good happened on the 13th of the month.

I have a hunch that it's your own way of making me smile on what are so far the saddest days of my life... In fact, the number 13 is becoming a totally harmless number; maybe one day I'll even say it's my lucky number.

Also, mother, today is the day we celebrate Our Lady of Fatima, but of course you know that. And it was also the first day of my THIRD novena to the Mary Undoer of Knots...

Well, I am happy to tell you that on the 3rd monthly anniversary of your passing, mother, I got a new job!!!! I'm so happy about that and I'm wondering whether you have something to do with it! hehe. As you always used to say to us: a mother's prayer is infallible. Imagine when you have a "direct line" to your mother who has a "direct line" to God...

What's to come next, I wonder... You know, we really, really want to have a baby, mother... =)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you a thousand times!

I'll make you always so proud of me.

I'll love you forever.

I miss you like crazy.

All my love,

Dani. xxxxxxxx

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